Conversion testimonials

Florence & Pascal (Felletin)

After having bought our house dating from the 80's, we needed to transform the garage in order to create a third bedroom. When Paul came, he immediatly understood what we wanted and advised us the best way to create partitions, create an opening in an existing wall in order to fit another window and insulate the new room.

During his second visit with the electrician and the plumber, he fully coordinated all of the work.

The job was done rapidly and efficiently as, with the birth of our daughter, we needed an extra bedroom. Everyone was on time, exactly when they had told us and then we managed to fully move into our house as quickly as possible.

Today, each of our children has a light bedroom, well heated and perfectly insulated.

We would highly recommend La Noneix Construction for any conversion work you may wish to do in the future because of their quality of work, their respect for your budget and their friendliness.

For French people, the language mustn't be a problem because Joanne and Paul speak French fluently. Conversing with them was never a problem and we always understood each other.