In Creuse and Limousin, with the winter weather (snow, ice and rain), you need to ensure that your roof is well insulated and of good quality.

With renovation or new builds, La Noneix Construction will be able to carry out the timber work, tiling or insulation of your roof.

We can help you if you have fragile beams or frames on an old house, or if you wish to change tiles or slates.

Paul RANDS and his team have the knowhow to renovate all or part of your roof, including the traditional woodwork.

Estimates are adapted to the condition of the roof (under specific circumstances). If some of original slates or tiles can be reused, we can take this into account in order to reduce the cost of the work.

You would like to build a new house ? In addition to the groundwork, the stonework or conversion, La Noneix Construction will be able to carry out the construction and installation of the roof beams and frames, also the fitting of the tiles, slates, "bardeaux de châtaignier" (a traditional method used in the Limousin region of France).

We can take care of your new build property, from the planning stage until its final completion therefore reducing the stress on our customers.

Contact us now for a roofing estimate with regard to timber work, tiling or insulation.